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black hair

Age: 17
Gender: Last time I checked, a girl..
Location: In Houston (blah... three years here)
Hobbies: Singing in my band, dancing, learning things, being funny...

1) what does emo mean to you? (explain)
It means being able to show your emotions.
2) favorite bands (list in order) Polyphonic Spree, mu330, this day Forward, Skankin' Pickle, Screeching Weasel, Von Bondies, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Circle Jerks.
-Out of the bands you listed which are emo? All of them ,to me, but if your asking about the 'emo scene' type music, then I guess Polyphonic Spree, Von Bondies, and Yeah Yeah Yeahs...
3) Favorite lyrics? (try to list three)

*Somehow, you fall down and pick up the ground
Keep all the message and make it your sound
~ Polyphonic Spree

*You're hanging around the day
You're fooling yourself with blame
You're taking it all to a future site
Hanging around today
~ Polyphonic Spree

*And then your
Bouncing on my thing
And then the next thing that
You ask for is a ring
~ mu330 (I had to put that lyric, It's so funny)

4) best memorie? It wasn't too long ago... My friend told me to listen to Polyphonic Spree, and when I heard them, It completely changed my life. I went from all dark and 'death' (you know those people) to all about inner beauty and the happiness in life (I know it sounds corny, but it's true).
5) worst memorie? I have a lot of those..... I guess the worst was when I saw my best friend OD, and we had to take her to the hospital.
6) What makes you emo? the fact that I've been through every emotion in my life and I realize that you can't spend your entire life slumping around. You've got to stand up straight and take anything that happens to you in stride.
7) you attitude (sum it up in a few words) Optimistic, and joyful.
8) First emo band you ever listened to The Cure.
9) why should we vote yes? Because I said so... haha no, because if you do, I can really get this community going.
10) post a picture of you (you not someone else)

(that's me singing in my band!)

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