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the shame is gone...


Age: 16
Gender: female, last time I checked....
Location: houston texas usa earth
Hobbies: anything with music (making, listening, writing, etc), jumping up and down, eating alot, taking pictures, and yoga (yes I do yoga)

1) what does emo mean to you? (explain)
Its about being able to take your emotions and instead of puttting them out negatively onto other people, combining it with your music.
2) favorite bands (list in order) Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Kelndazed, Jugheads Revenge, Von Bondies, Franz Ferdidand, The Soviettes, Juliana Theory, armor for sleep
-Out of the bands you listed which are emo? I've heard people consider Yeah yeah yeahs emo, kelndazed, armor for sleep and juliana theory
3) Favorite lyrics? (try to list three)

(1) I need to be alone, I'm halfway to nowhere
More 'n the cold on now that I am alone
Wait means wait, to the boy and his father
Raching for a hand as my heart starts to sway
~ Von Bondies

(2) You can feel my lips undress your eyes,
Undress your eyes, undress your eyes
Words of love and words of leisure
Words of poisoned Darts of Pleasure
Died and so you died
~ Franz Ferdinand

(3) Break

can we ever forgive love for it's pain
A tragic poem that forever burns on my brain
the city's sweat is scaring her into her dreams
As the song screams to fill the quiet evenings
~ Boy Hits Car

4) best memorie? Next to last day of 10th grade.... skipped my final (still made a 78 in the class so I didn't care) and made out with really hot bi chiks... see?
5) worst memorie? heh, the day the police ran after my friends and thought I was with them so arrested me too. that sucked.
6) What makes you emo? Emo is about not caring what other people think and being able to let your emotions flow, and thats what I do best!!
7) you attitude (sum it up in a few words) I love life, and I'm optimistic!
8) First emo band you ever listened to the cure when I was like 2
9) why should we vote yes? Because I'm just badass, I make out with chiks and I love emo music!
10) post a picture of you (you not someone else)

I look sad, but I'm not!

Me and my friend jess.... yes it is the girl I was making out with in the other picture.

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