Steven (xxsteveoxx) wrote in destorymethrewu,

Name: Steve Rodriguez
Age: 18
Gender: male
Location: monterey park (east los angeles), CA
Hobbies: music (writing/recording/sampling/creating), playing drums for With Broken Wings

1) what does emo mean to you? Emo supposedly stands for EMOTIONAL and applys to a certain EMOTIONAL style of music. The thing is, ALL music is based on some kind of music - wether it be happiness, anger, lust, greed, worship, or tribute. It all is intertwined. Emo is a style - a merketed brand (like a label on a can).

2) favorite bands: The Postal Service, Avery Is Noise, Blink 182, Norma Jean, The Locust, Some Girls, A Thorn For Every Heart, Glassjaw, Finch, Deftones (although Finch, GJ, and Deftones all sound alike). Orgy, The Cure, Berlin, The Rapture, The Moving Units, The Roots, and more.

-Out of the bands you listed which are emo? um...none?

3) Favorite lyrics?

"The night is right, the moon is full, I become the werewolf of rock n roll!"
Only a silver bullet can stop us (After Silence)

"...I've been waiting since birth to find a love that would look and sound like a movie"
Clark Gable (The Postal Service)

"Mediocrity is a killer..."
Memphis will be laid to waste (Norma Jean)

4) best memory? the first time me and my girlfriend had sex. October 11, 2003. <3

5) worst memory? When my gf kissed another guy at a pary back in beginnning when we first met...

6) What makes you emo? I saw Dashboard once and my eyes started to water by bullshit! Maybe it was cause I was getting sleepy. OH OH, I saw Mae once does that count? Maybe because I cried during The Green Mile. That movie really does get to me.

7) your attitude: I'm chill. REAL chill. Except when it's party time...then it's time to get crazy. Alcohol always makes things better...

8) First emo band you ever listened to: At The Drive IN (?)

9) why should we vote yes? because according to your interests, you like my band. i dunno...

10) post a picture of you (you not someone else):
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