lauren (dreams_of_y0u) wrote in destorymethrewu,

Name: lauren
Age: 14
Gender: female
Location: butt fuck egypt. aka. waterville, maine.
Hobbies: music, guitar, i.j.w<3, sign stealing =), reading, blah blah blahhhh

1) what does emo mean to you? emo is something that sends a message of everything that you're thinking and feeling ... its a way to express everything in a way that other people can relate to, its a way of thinking about life
2) favorite bands: from autumn to ashes, glassjaw, a static lullaby, alexisonfire, underoath, taking back sunday, mae, poison the well, this day forward, at the drive in, modest mouse, without wings
-Out of the bands you listed which are emo? well, modest mouse isn't emo...
3) Favorite lyrics?
** She laced her perfume with death
     I feel it in my lungs
     So I pull in the deepest breath
     And drop my head...
FATA, Chloroform Perfume

** Take this for what its worth, this song... my smile
I write to you from hell my song leaving the foot against the gas
and the wall that must have said your name
Weaken you from nothing you can say can stop this now
would a noose replace his lips?
Can a song replace a broken heart?
     Can a song replace a broken love?
ASL, Song For a Broken Heart

** I still can remember what you did
Your eyes full of discomfort, bare foot in a public washroom
    Spill on me your nostalgia like warm water
    And cataracts that that fell behind self conscious eyes
Hurt so good through ivory rain and cut throat soap box derby racers
I want you to ruin me.
Alexisonfire, Little Girls Pointing and Laughing

** A hiccup in paradise,
I keep you jealously to myself.
in a photo the size of a kiss,
     a kiss in the shape of a bullet.
Glassjaw, Siberian Kiss

4) best memory? meeting my love<3. and about 1000 other small memories with friends ..
5) worst memory? well i really don't want to get into my worst memory. march...
6) What makes you emo? i'm not sure, i relate to a lot of emo bands and their lyrics and i guess i have a bit of an attitude problem, and "i wear my heart on my sleeve and cry. <strong>a LOT.</strong>" [...not]
7) you attitude: bitchy, somewhat friendly ;), shy around really confident people, insecure, giggly.
8) First emo band you ever listened to: taking back sunday
9) why should we vote yes? because i am just THAT cool ;). and i can bring a lot of new ideas and discussions and get people talking about everything.
10) post a picture of you (you not someone else):

... thanks :o).
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